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The Northern Pacific Seastar (Asterias Amurensis) is a large sea star that is mainly yellow in colour and is often seen with purple or read detail on its upper surface. The underside of the body is yellow in colour and its tube like feet join up at the mouth in a fan like shape. Fully grown Northern Pacific Seastars can reach up to 40-50cm in diameter.

The Northern Pacific Sea Star is not native to our local bays; it was accidentally introduced to our waters back in the 1990’s and since then has proven to be an invasive species in Australia. The Northern Pacific Seastar can breed very quickly in our waters due to lack of natural predators as well as the perfect climate for laying eggs. The Department of Environmental and Primary Industries (DEPI) have declared the species as ‘noxious’ meaning harmful. People must not bring these species into the state nor take, hatch, keep, possess, sell, transport, put into any container or release into protected waters.

Clean up Our Water, alongside councils and local community groups, aim to annually hold events to eradicate the Northern Pacific Seastar from our waters. Areas in which our main focus to begin with are:

  • Brighton Bay
  • St Kilda Pier
  • Sandringham
  • Williamstown
  • Altona
  • Mornington Peninsula

How you can help?

Sign up and become a member to receive updates on when our next Northern Pacific Seastar removal day is. We will hold competitions for our volunteers, local clubs and universities with many prizes to be won.