18 years ago a young plumber changed the nature of his business, which today has led to an organisation with a vision to a clearer outlook in the waterways.  Clean Up Our Water is setting the pace by aiming to promote awareness of effects on natural water from marine life, to rivers and creeks, and the challenges they face into todays changing environment.

In the beginning

Clean Up Our Water was founded in 2014 by Managing Director, Paul Talbot who over 18 years ago changed the nature of his plumbing business to specialise in green plumbing. A keen scuba diver at the time, he noticed the impact on our marine environment from the outflow of storm water and decided to help create a sustainable future. Paul’s next approach was to take a direct stance and become a catalyst towards Cleaning Up Our Water.

Our Aim

Marine & Fresh Water Ecosystem:
Every year several tonnes of litter get dumped in our oceans that have concerning effects on our marine life. Invasive pests, such as the Northern Pacific Sea Star, enter our oceans and have detrimental effects to our native environment.  Our rivers, lakes and creeks face similar threats due excessive amounts rubbish coming off our street and landing into our freshwater resources.

Clean Up Our Water aim to work with local councils and community groups in a number of different areas throughout Melbourne to remove waste, install rubbish traps and eradicate pests from our water.  If you would like to find out how you can help, sign up to become a member and get along to our volunteer day.