cleanup imagesUp to 2000 – 3000 tones of litter is transported into Melbourne’s waterways through stormwater drains. Approximately 1 billion items of rubbish end up in our waterways and about a third of this number are cigarette butts.  To reduce this number the Victorian Government has implemented the difficult and expensive task of installing litter traps on our stormwater outlets.

There are different types of rubbish traps that can be installed for difference purposes:

  • Side entry pit traps (to capture litter as it falls in from roadways)
  • Underground litter traps that can treat blocks to small suburbs (up to 200 hectares)
  • Large litter traps intended for open channels and treating very large flows
  • Floating litter traps that capture the most buoyant litter items from estuaries.

Currently the City of Melbourne has 20 water traps installed at the end point of drains and are regularly emptied. Clean Up our Water aim to increase this number significantly over the next 12 months and aid in emptying these water traps. Our events page will keep you up to date with our latest installations and how you can get involved.

What can you do?
Sign up and become a member with Clean Up Our Water and together we can help reduce rubbish reaching our waterways.