Invasive plants are a serious threat to Australia’s natural environment, like most pests they produce in large numbers and require some form of action. Clean Up Our Water aims to identify these invasive plants and remove them at the sites of our Clean Up Our Water events.

What are invasive plants?

These can be summarised as a plant, or weed that requires some form of action due to its harmful effect on the natural environment.  Most often than not, invasive plants have been introduced from neighbouring shores but in some circumstances these can be native plants that have become invasive due to changes in its surroundings. These plants are broken into two categories, environmental and agricultural according to the nature it affects.

There are frameworks set in place by the Victorian government to support the management of these invasive species. This is covered under the Biosecurity Strategy for Victoria, which is committed to:

  • Protect Victoria from biosecurity threats that affect our primary industries, environment, social amenity and human health.
  • Understand and address emerging risks that may arise from climate change, changes in land use and increasing global travel and trade.

How can you help? By signing up to become a member you are helping to address these very real issues that exist within our own backyard, and bolster attention to avoid the spread of these plants which could lead to larger scale epidemics.