blogppostClean Up Our Water, along with our friends PJT Green Plumbing and PJT Sizzle would like to extend our thanks to everyone who came down to support our Volunteer Day on Sunday March 30th.

We are humbled with the overwhelming response from our volunteers who attended on the day. Your words have been kind and supportive and we really appreciate you for taking the time to help out and also taking the time to send us positive feedback after the event.

There was a lot support around Brighton Pier, with locals stopping by to pay us a visit to find out what we’re all about.  We had a lot of new members join up on the day and we are hoping we will see you all at our next volunteer day.  It was a pleasure to meet so many great people all working together to reach a common goal.

Thank you!

The Results:

Our Clean Up Day went from around 9am -1pm, the below results were achieved:

  • We counted over 1000 Northern Pacific Seastars that were removed from the bay.
  • Around 2 cubic meters of rubbish was removed from the shore and water

Competition Winners:

Clean Up Our Water is happy to announce that our prize for the dive club who brings the most divers along to our event is: Melbourne University Underwater Club – Congratulations! MUUC have won 50kgs worth of lead weights.

Clean Up Our Water is happy to announce that our prize for the individual or family to remove the most seastars from the bay is: Simon and Stuart Heron – with a combined effort they managed to remove 263 Northern Pacific Seastars from Brighton Pier such a massive effort congratulations!

It was a successful day with the event running smooth, the weather was perfect and our results were great.

Where to from here?

We will stay in touch with any new developments for proposed volunteer days via email, website and our social media pages. Make sure you head to our gallery page for a quick recap of the event many photos were taken and they depict Sunday perfectly.

Ways you can keep supporting?

If you want to keep supporting our aid to keep our waterways clean and protect the environment, remember that a percentage of funds generated from PJT Green Plumbing goes straight back into Clean Up Our Water.  This will allow us to have regular volunteer days throughout the year and to keep extending our cause. Be sure to tell your friends and family and get them to become a member to receive our welcome pack!

Thank you again and see you next time!