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Become a Member Today!

Jan 16

If you would like to get involved with Clean Up Our Water you can start by heading to our homepage and becoming a member today. Just fill out your details via our membership form and receive our membership pack: Members Pack Includes: Your own unique membership… Read More


Installation of Rubbish Traps

Jan 5

Up to 2000 – 3000 tones of litter is transported into Melbourne’s waterways through stormwater drains. Approximately 1 billion items of rubbish end up in our waterways and about a third of this number are cigarette butts.  To reduce this number the Victorian Government has… Read More

Starfish About Page Banner

Northern Pacific Seastar

Jan 5

The Northern Pacific Seastar (Asterias Amurensis) is a large sea star that is mainly yellow in colour and is often seen with purple or read detail on its upper surface. The underside of the body is yellow in colour and its tube like feet join… Read More


Rubbish Removal

Jan 3

Every year several tonnes of litter get transported through our storm water system and eventually ending up on our beaches and in our waterways.  This can have concerning effects on reducing water quality and harming our environment. Rubbish isn’t the only concern that is ending… Read More